Content Creation Hub

VARYCON is the browser-based content creation hub from RECORDBAY.
It is specially tailored to the needs of leading brands and companies. VARYCON bundles and automates all marketing content creation, management and distribution processes in a standalone solution. 

Faster and more cost-effective production with master templates

VARYCON goes far beyond the mere mapping and management of digital marketing assets and content. Thanks to the customizable CMS structures in VARYCON, comprehensive standards can be created for a wide variety of content formats, such as product videos, social media content, print formats, product configurators or AR applications. This significantly simplifies and extremely accelerates production - especially in cross-border teams.

By exchanging and recombining digital marketing assets on the basis of a single CMS standard, countless new, fully CI-compliant contents can be created. In principle, all elements of a content format can be flexibilized (backgrounds, animations, product visualizations, text, 3D content, music, etc.).

New content can be created in both self-service and managed service.

In this way, we provide our customers with a completely new freedom and flexibility for the strategic, CI-compliant and scalable production of creative marketing content at the highest level.

The central solution for your marketing

Play all your company's customer touchpoints - national and international - from one central "content creation hub". You don't have to leave VARYCON if you want to update your website, your augmented reality application, your social media channel, or even the screens in your showrooms or stores.

The data to be used is always kept up to date within the platform to ensure that a consistent voice to the customer is used across all channels company-wide. Existing management systems and solutions can be easily connected to the hub (DAM, PIM, etc.).

We would be happy to advise you on the use of VARYCON in your company.
Please feel free to contact us!

Barbara Stadler
Business Consultant